Owen Giroux

Registered Massage Therapist

I want to empower my patients so they are not solely dependent on a therapist, but instead have the ability to progress with a skill set of their own to live an active and healthy lifestyle.


As a born-and-raised Vancouverite with a passion for health and wellness, I developed a fondness for yoga and a deep respect for resistance training. Years of yoga practice have taught me the benefits of mobility, mindfulness, and relaxation, and over a decade of strength training taught me a fluency with fitness styles which helps me with rehabbing my patients. Combining these experiences with my RMT training, I often focus on developing strategies with patients for symptom management and injury prevention while still delivering an effective and relaxing massage.


After graduating from Langara College’s Registered Massage Therapy program (Vancouver, BC), I've maintained an educational role throughout my career, first privately tutoring new-graduates, then supervising the Langara Student Clinic, and most recently with the Ontario governing body mentoring therapists. Having taken advanced classes in spinal and regional orthopedics, myofascial techniques, cadaver labs, and sports rehab, I have become fascinated with the intricacies of our bodies. My training has taught me how the breath, posture, nervous system, and even the immune system all play a critical role with one another. Through a personalized assessment and treatment plan, I aim to help you achieve your goals by treating the body as a whole, using techniques to address these systems as needed.



Diploma of Registered Massage Therapy, Langara College, BC

Graduating in the top of my class in 2016, the program offered advanced classes in spinal and regional orthopedics, myofascial techniques, sports rehab, cadaver labs, and further supplemental courses for a more well-rounded foundation. At over 3200 hours, it is the most comprehensive program currently available in Canada.

Registrant with the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario

Transferring from BC, I am dual registered in both jurisdictions.

Registrant with the College of Massage Therapy of BC

I have been a registrant in good standing with the CMTBC since passing the board exams in 2016.


In British-Columbia and Ontario, RMTs are mandated to continually expand their knowledge with courses on manual modalities and professionalism.

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Physical Therapist


Clinical Work

I currently work at PhysioHaus Health and Wellness in London, Ontario – a leading multidisciplinary clinic offering massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care. PhysioHaus specializes in pelvic health, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, running, and rock climbing. My current clinical focus includes car accidents, sports rehab, and general orthopedic care, although I enjoy working with the more complex presentations the clinic is known to excel with.

I began my career in my hometown of Vancouver working at a luxury spa downtown, Spa Utopia. After several years of honing my skills in therapeutic relaxation and hydrotherapy (the use of heat and cold), I found my place in an award-winning multidisciplinary clinic, Marpole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. With physios, acupuncturists, and kinesiologists by my side, I worked with many car accidents and workplace injuries, pre- and post-surgery cases, and athletics.

​COVID catalyzed the end of my time in Vancouver and a move to Vancouver Island where Eden Therapy welcomed me in Courtenay, BC, with yoga, acupuncture, and massage in their roster. After a year on the island, I moved to London, Ontario.

Educational Work

At the onset of my career, I offered private tutoring sessions to newly-graduated RMT students preparing for their board exams, focusing on orthopedic assessment and physiology. After several years, I progressed to working as a Clinic Supervisor in the student clinic at Langara College and was excited to expand my teaching roles further before COVID catalyzed my departure from Vancouver.

I have continued my role as an educator in Ontario as a Mentor-Tutor for the CMTO, the governing body for RMTs in Ontario. I work with registrants who require remediation, as well as clinicians returning to practice after an extended leave-of-absence.