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Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I have been an RMT since 2016 with experience in both clinic and spa settings. I blend my therapeutic treatment style with skills learned from the spa for an adaptive approach with my patients.

I enjoy a focus on orthopedic care, acute injury recovery, and athletics. I've worked directly with physiotherapists, chiropractors, any many other professionals for years and find this type of multidisciplinary care to yield the most promising outcomes.

Empowering patients through their health is one of the pillars of my practice. I make time to educate clients so they better understand the intricacies of their bodies. I consider the relationship between patient and therapist to be a partnership, working together to find optimal health strategies.


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60 Minute treatment

With a clean, professional environment, we can address any injuries or issues you might be having. With ample time to assess and develop a treatment plan together, we can work towards reducing pain and achieving your goals. I recommend this time for all new patients and most subsequent treatments.

45 Minute treatment

This time allotment allows us to focus on one or two primary complaints you might be having while still diligently assessing your progress and working on our homecare strategies. This time is best selected for specific needs and subsequent treatments.

Injury Patients welcome!

Just call the clinic or book online to make your appointment. I have years of experience helping people recover from car accidents, surgeries, acute sports injuries, and many other painful conditions.