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Owen Giroux


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I have been an RMT since 2016 with experience in both clinic and spa settings. I blend my therapeutic treatment style with skills honed at the spa for an adaptive approach with my patients.

I enjoy a focus on orthopedic care, acute injury recovery, and athletics. I've worked directly with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and many other professionals for years, and I have adapted my treatments to offer as much of what an RMT can provide. This includes an abundance of modalities and styles to best suit your needs.

Empowering patients through their health is one of the pillars of my practice. I make time to educate clients so they better understand the intricacies of their bodies. I consider the relationship between patient and therapist to be a partnership, working together to find optimal health strategies.

Popular Services

60 Minutes         $88

Best for new patients, giving us ample time to assess and develop a treatment plan. You can expect a thorough treatment and some strategies to help at home, as well.

45 Minutes         $74

Great for most subsequent treatments. We can address one or two complaints while still checking your progress and updating your homecare program.

30 Minutes         $60

Patients can get precise treatment for ongoing care. I often recommend this treatment time for most subsequent visits.


All patients welcome

I've worked with patients of all backgrounds, including those dealing with a car accidents, surgeries, sports injuries, or workplace accidents.

Sports Injury
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