As a born-and-raised Vancouverite with a passion for health and wellness, I have developed a fondness for yoga and a deep respect for resistance training. Years of yoga practice have taught me the benefits of mobility, mindfulness, and relaxation, while over a decade of strength training and powerlifting have taught me a fluency with fitness styles to help my patients with rehabilitation. Combining these experiences with my RMT training, I often focus on developing strategies with patients for symptom management and injury prevention while still delivering an effective and relaxing massage.


After graduated from Langara College’s 3200 hour Registered Massage Therapy program (Vancouver, BC), I returned for a year teaching students in the Langara Student RMT Clinic. With advanced classes in spinal and regional orthopedics, myofascial techniques, cadaver labs, and sports rehab, I have become fascinated with the intricacies of the problems our bodies face. My training has taught me how the breath, posture, nervous system, and even the immune system all play a critical role with one another. Through a personalized assessment and treatment plan, I aim to help you achieve your goals by treating the body as a whole, using techniques to address these systems as needed.


I want to empower my patients so they are not solely dependent on a therapist, but instead have the ability to progress with a skill set of their own to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Diploma of Registered Massage Therapy - Langara College, Vancouver

I graduated top of my class from Langara College in August, 2016. Along with the fundamentals, the program offered advanced classes in spinal/regional orthopedics, myofascial techniques, sports rehab, cadaver labs, and additional supplementary courses for a more well-rounded knowledge base. At over 3200 hours, it also has the most classroom time of any currently available RMT program in BC. For these reasons, I feel this program offered me the best foundation to build my practice on.

  • Active Registrant with the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario

As of October 1st, 2021, I am an active registrant with the CMTO working in Ontario in clinical practice with patients.

  • Work Experience Chronology

Solo Practice in Downtown London     2021-present

I am currently renting space within the TD Towers in  London, Ontario, providing treatments to patients in the downtown core.

PhysioHaus Health + Wellness     2021-present

A leading clinic for patient care in London, Ontario, with a vast interdisciplinary team and clinical focus. Areas of focus in the clinic include vestibular rehab, pelvic floor physio, and TMJ therapy.

Eden Therapy Clinic and Studio     2020-2021

Located in the pristine Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Eden Therapy was a leading multidisciplinary clinic in the area focusing on Massage, Acupuncture, and yoga. I was happy to contribute my strengths in remedial orthopedics and clinical assessment to the team.

Langara College Student Clinic Supervisor     2019 - 2020

I worked with Langara concurrently with Marpole Physio. Sadly these position were interrupted by COVID-19 which instigated a move to Vancouver Island. I focused my lessons on regional and spinal orthopedics and special testing/assessment.

Marpole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation     2019 - 2020

1.5 years at this award winning clinic for patient care in Vancouver, often treating patients with acute injuries, car accidents, or surgeries. I put the clinic's large gym space to good use with patients, and was delighted to have such skilled coworkers to draw upon.

Board Exam Tutor for CMTBC Registration Exams     2016-2019

Private tutoring for students as they prepared for the entry to practice board exams in BC, focusing on orthopedics and clinical anatomy.

Spa Utopia at the Pan Pacific Hotel     2016 - 2019

3 years working with an amazing team at this luxury spa in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. While mostly focusing on maintenance and relaxation, I frequently incorporated the use of hydrotherapy, hot stones, hot towels, aromatherapy, steam rooms and saunas into treatment.

  • Inactive Registrant with the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia

After passing my board exams in the fall of 2016, I have been a registrant in good standing with the CMTBC. In British-Columbia, RMTs are mandated to continually expand their knowledge with courses on manual modalities and professionalism, which I abide by with enthusiasm and diligence. I recently changed to inactive status in late 2021 to move to London, Ontario, with a plan to return to BC in a couple years.