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It is essential for everyone to stay active and on top of their own self care. Having a gym membership is great, but not necessary for a lot of maintenance.

Listed below are quality products I have used and believe in. This should only serve as reference for what to get for yourself. Size and resistance should be customized to you. Better prices may be available elsewhere.

These are not affiliate links, I make no money through sales.


The Essentials

download (9).jpg

Classic elastic bands for home exercise programming - great for training smaller muscle groups or for beginners.

download (8).jpg

Elastic loops can help with hip exercises, especially training squats and running muscles.

download (15).jpg

Hang from a chin up bar to open up the lower back, or use it to work the core, back, or shoulders.

download (4).jpg

Foam rollers are great for self massaging areas of the body. Easily an essential for everyone's homecare toolkit.

Upper Back Massage

deeper relief

download (11).jpg

A great massage ball for muscles around the spine, especially the base of the skull, but I often use it as my main rolling ball.

neck pincher.jpg

Fantastic for helping relieve tension through the back of the neck. I often reach for this when I have headaches.

download (12).jpg

Great for fascial restrictions, for added specificity during a stretch, or for moving "stuck" tissues. 

download (10).jpg

Another favourite in my own homecare kit, this thing is phenomenal for self massage in hard to reach spots.

Standing Desk

ergonomic favourites


Blind spot mirrors are a great way to help with turning your neck while driving, but they will also improve visibility overall.

download (1).jpg

Lower back or lumbar support can help reduce discomfort while sitting dramatically. Try for your car and office chairs.

download (14).jpg

Neck hammocks can help relieve a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders by providing some space in the joints and stretch to the muscles.

Child's Pose

mobility and balance

download (5).jpg

One of my favourites for foot, arch, or ankle care. By spreading the toes to a more ergonomic position, then walking or doing yoga with them, you'll retrain the muscles in the foot.

download (3).jpg

A balance board can work well to improve lower body and core stability, as well as overall balance and coordination.

download (2).jpg

A set of wedges can help achieve a deep calf stretch. It can also be great to lift your heels as you train for deep squat range of motion.

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